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Date: Wed Jan 05 2005 - 11:32:12 EST

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Subject: [NIFL-ASSESSMENT:847] CORRECTION!  Interesting discussion on AALDP!!
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Hello again and many apologies!!  I have given you the incorrect list
where this discussion is occurring (too many lists I guess!).  The
details of the threads are ok, but if you want to join in, here is the
new and correct information for the location of the discussion:

Go to:

which is the homepage of the Adult Literacy Professional Developers
Discussion List.  There you can find all the information you need to
view archives or join the listserv.  The page also lists upcoming
opportunities on the list for joining professional development
discussions with guests from various areas of expertise.  

There you have it!!  So sorry once again - I encourage you to check out
the AALDP (Association for Adult Literacy Professional Developers)
discussion list.  It is very active and very enlightening.

Thanks for your patience,
marie cora

Good morning, afternoon, and evening to you all.
I've been following and contributing a bit to a thread of discussion on
NLA that discusses assessment and accountability and how they might be
different, the same, or connect.  It's pretty interesting.  I won't
forward any threads because some are lengthy (unless I hear from my list
that you do want me to forward the thread).  But I encourage you to
check it out if you like.  Go to:
to either sign up for the NLA listserv or to view the archives (but the
recent threads won't be at the archives just yet).  There are many, many
posts that are entitled "Education and Learning" which have been going
for (gosh!) a few weeks I guess.  But then there are recent posts as I
described above and these are entitled:
Re: accountability (from the ed. and learning thread)
If folks have questions, comments, or wish to pursue this discussion
here, don't hesitate.
marie cora
Moderator, NIFL Assessment Discussion List, and 
Coordinator/Developer LINCS Assessment Special Collection at

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