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NIFL-ASSESSMENT 2005: [NIFL-ASSESSMENT:853] Re: Assessment in F

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Date: Wed Jan 12 2005 - 14:33:16 EST

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Subject: [NIFL-ASSESSMENT:853] Re: Assessment in Family Literacy
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I would like to get my hands on the parent observation guide you mentioned
also.  I included oversee even start for the state. 

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Subject: [NIFL-ASSESSMENT:852] Re: Assessment in Family Literacy

How can I get a copy of the parent observation guide from Missouri?


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Subject: [NIFL-ASSESSMENT:851] Re: Assessment in Family Literacy

Could you please send me the publisher or other information about the
Parent Observation Guide.  I'm a coordinator of an Even Start program in
Elkhart, Indiana.

Thank you,

Karol Harsanyi 

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Assessment in Family Literacy is an issue that I've spent the past two
hours responding to as a State Evaluator. The complex nature of family
literacy makes it hard for one program coordinator to act as an
instructional leader across the domains of early and adult education.
Family literacy has four program components; Early Education, Parenting
and Parent Child Interactive Literacy (AKA, PACT), and of course Adult

Adult Education is in relatively good shape with the TABE and CASAS used
routinely, in keeping with the state's NRS requirements. I'm in touch
with 63 local programs as the state evaluator in two states. In
Missouri, programs use either the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test
Revised (PPVT), or the Preschool Language Scales (most current). Pat
McKee, USDEd Even Start program officer is quite comfortable with
programs using the PPVT receptive language subscale. It's been used
nationally for outcomes evaluation. As for Parenting Education, Diane
DiAngelo and Doug Powell at RMC developed the PEP. It is a solid tool
that informs program component design and contributes to staff
development needs assessment.

In Missouri, we use an over-simplified tool call the Parent Observation
Guide to assess parent-child interactive literacy (PACT). It gets at the
five key components of SBRR.

The key to all of these assessments is to connect the data generated by
administering them to good practice. Something sorely lacking in many
venues. Further professional development in test administration and
instructional implications is sorely needed if Even Start can hope to
produce the outcomes evidence demanded by the administration.

Jeri Levesque, Ed.D.

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