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Sorry I have to add this:  I feel like here in the U.S. the emphasis is
much more on context than finer mechanics.  In literacy programming,
there is a balance I would say between whole language and phonics, but
once you're out of that level, I'm not sure if programs lean toward one
way or the other.

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Here are some examples from the initial assessment. Well over half the
marks are for spelling, and a level is assigned on the basis of a cut

Circle the correct spelling to answer questions 63-66

Be careful, the _________ is boiling hot (ketle kettel kettle kettal)

The child fell in a huge (puddel puddle pudel pudle)

(No prizes for guessing which of these items comes from a 'family'
version for parents and carers!!)

One word in each sentence is spelled incorrectly.  Write the correct
spelling of the word in the box to answer questions 67-72

69 She had to take both children shoping

71  The sond of the school bus outside woke him up.

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