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Date: Mon Feb 14 2005 - 11:32:58 EST

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Hi George, thanks for this - I think maybe you wanted to add a reference
for the journal for us, no?  Let us know....

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Subject: [NIFL-ASSESSMENT:902] RE: REEP Discussion Begins Today!


Check out the article in the first volume of this online journal.

I downloaded three of them.  Some good writing here.

A good place also, for those writing in the field to publish their work.

George Demetrion

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Subject: [NIFL-ASSESSMENT:900] REEP Discussion Begins Today!

Good morning, afternoon, evening, and Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

Please join us this week for our discussion of the REEP Writing Process
and Rubric with Suzanne Grant and Pat Thurston, of the Arlington
Education and Employment Program (REEP) in VA.  The full information and
the suggested preview resources for the discussion are listed for you
below.  Also, I wanted you to recall that Suzanne and Pat will be
accompanied by several trainers-in-training of the REEP process.
Welcome colleagues from REEP!!
February 14 - 18
Topic: Assessing Writing, Developing Rubrics, and Developing Effective
Writing Tasks
Guests:  Suzanne Grant and Pat Thurston, REEP Master Trainers
Recommended preparations for this discussion:
"The REEP Writing Story" at
<> &i=1&a=2
which discusses the development of their writing process and the
accompanying rubric.
"Making Sense of the REEP" at 
which discusses one program's experience with and reflections on using
the REEP process.
marie cora
Moderator, NIFL Assessment Discussion List, and 
Coordinator/Developer LINCS Assessment Special Collection at

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