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NIFL-ASSESSMENT 2005: [NIFL-ASSESSMENT:989] Re: Teacher assessm

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Date: Fri Mar 18 2005 - 10:38:48 EST

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Hi Maureen,

Thanks for your reply.  This sounds like a great process!  Way to take
advantage of your "in-house expertise"!

Is it possible for you to share any of your forms/resources?  What sort
of feedback are you getting from the participants (I'm going to assume
it's exciting and positive....)

What do you find are your challenges with this process?

marie cora

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Here at the Notre Dame Education Center, we use peer evaluations. THis
involves using a center wide process. Teachers find a peer to work with;
they meet to decide and write up goals for the year. Goals are linked to
the following: major elements in an individual job description, NDEC
agency goals and objectives, department goals and personal professional
goals.These are submitted to the program director. The NDEC staff
development committee reviews the goal sheets and identifies common
themes for workshops and/or in-house trainings.  Peers meet at least 3
times during the year to report on activities and then to write up a
final review. A peer evaluation form and the review are passed in to the
program director in June. 
As coordinator of NDECs ESOL department, new teachers are paired with
experienced teachers at the same level for development. That's the

Maureen O'Brien,SND
ESOL Coordinator
Notre Dame Education Center
50 West Broadway
South Boston, MA 02127 

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