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NIFL-ASSESSMENT 2005: [NIFL-ASSESSMENT:997] Re: Teacher assess

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Date: Mon Mar 21 2005 - 07:39:53 EST

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I had actually typed up my reply last week and somehome closed it before I sent it. :) I just got back to typing it this morning.  I really liked the comments from Maureen and think the way they are doing their evaluations is really good. I wish we had something like that here.

Here at my school, we've just changed the way teachers are evaluated. The previous process had a few holes - mainly being that no one was really sure of what was being evaluated, the instructors were never told what the results were and the only "real" evaluation was the one the students submitted in regards to the instructor.

We've since changed the process. We did some research to see what other institutions were doing in terms of assessing their instructors and we contacted the local school system to see what/how they did their evaluations. We liked what we found because it was detailed - it gave an excellent guideline as well as flexibility.  I was asked to help with the evaluations based on my experience and background. Some of the areas we looked at, are listed below. This isn't everything but is definitely the meat of what we did. The evaluations were then typed in and turned in to the director. They are supposed to be discussed with the instructor and are looked at along with the student evaluations that are completed once a semester. 

1.	Management of Instructional Time * 
This area looked at whether the class started on time, if their was a lesson plan, if the materials students needed were readily available - if the teacher was prepared to teach - not just with the lesson plans but with the knowledge necessary to do the lessons planned for the day - how well the the teacher adapted to changes or "curves" thrown by the students.  

2.	Management of Student Behavior * 
This area looked at how well the instructor monitored the students' behavior - ie, did they ignore the student that put his/her head on the desk and slept or not;  were they conscientous of the rules for the program etc.

3.	Instructional Presentation * 
This area lookes at how well the instructor presents material. Does the instructor link prior knowledge to the current tasks. How well does the instructor handle the questions asked by the students - are they encouraged to ask questions or become involved in the learning process. How does the instructor present information - is it all lecture - is it demonstration - is it discussion - is it student led vs teacher led?  Does the instructor encourage the students' developing critical thinking skills? 

4.	Instructional Monitoring * 
This area looks at how well the instructor monitored the student feedback and/or how well the instructor monitored the student's work. Did the instructor stay situated in one part of the room, walk around and particpate with the students or simply assign a tasks and sit down?

We're still looking at ways to improve the process and make it better and more effective. We're also facing challenges in terms of how the instructors react to being evaluated etc. It's  not been done on a regular or consistent basis until now and some people actually got defensive simply because they were being evaluated. We've come t realize that one of the things our instructors need is to understand the evaluations are not a means to look for things that are wrong to get them in trouble but to look at ways they can be helped to do their job better so the students become more successful.

Katrina Hinson

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