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Hi Marie and Everyone,

You asked about our performance assessment development summary.  This
came about because several years ago, some state directors of adult
education asked OVAE for guidance on developing this type of assessment.
OVAE funded a panel, convened by the National Academy of Sciences, to
give advice on this and the panel held a meeting and eventually produced
a book of papers from the conference and recommendations.  OVAE also
asked me to write a summary of the key development issues, which
resulted in the paper on the NRS web site to which you refer.  The paper
has references, including the NAS panel report, for anyone who is
interested in pursuing the matter seriously. 

Your second question concerns state report cards.  The idea for this
first came from the K-12 system and a couple of years ago, one draft of
reauthorization of WIA had a requirement for states to develop report
cards for their adult education and literacy system.  That requirement
was eventually dropped, but OVAE thought it was still a good idea.  So
we have planned at some point in the near future to provide training and
resources through the NRS project to states interested in developing

Finally, you asked about Australia.  Coincidentally, Australia also has
a "National Reporting System."  However, it has nothing to do with ours
and is not like our NRS at all.  It is more similar to the adult
literacy system in England.

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Hi Larry and everyone,
I wonder if anyone has read/used the following document:
Developing Performance Assessments for Adult Literacy Learners:  A
and can comment on it for us.
Also, the info bulletin Enhancing Performance Through Accountability
notes that there are a few projects going on, one of which is developing
State Report Cards.  I remember that this was happening here in
Massachusetts a year or two ago.  Can anyone comment on their State
Report Card?  What is that like?  Is it helpful?  Larry, can you comment
on any trends you have seen, or what the experience has been like having
states develop report cards?  Have you found that helpful for NRS
purposes?  Do you find that that aids the connection between the NRS and
what is happening locally?
Finally, NRS On-Line ( has some
cool resources - I got a lot out of reading the Case Studies - but I'm
stumped by one thing:  Larry - it seems that all the case studies are
from Australia - can you comment on that for us?  I know that Aussie has
a great history and reputation of excellent adult education work, but I
was not aware that some of the NRS development work happened there (?).
marie cora
Assessment List Moderator

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