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Date: Tue Mar 29 2005 - 18:43:15 EST

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Hello everyone,

OK:  what do Pee Wee Herman and Texas have in common?  Yes!  That's
right:  The Alamo!!  (Movie reference:  Pee Wee Herman's Great

I'm in fabulous San Antonio and The Alamo is a block away.  It's TESOL
time again, and I am here ready to learn, and ready to present a poster
session on the LINCS Special Collection in Assessment (the session is
Friday about noontime).  

I'll be hit and miss on the List this week because of internet access. 
But if you are at TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of other
Languages national conference), please come by to chat in person! 
(What a novel idea!)

Look for other presentations on the LINCS Special Collections here at
TESOL and also at COABE in May.  There are a number of LINCS
presentations at COABE that I am aware of, as well as a session on the
new ALEWiki.

We'll look for you!

marie cora
nifl/lincs special collection in assessment and
assessment listserv moderator

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