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Date: Wed Apr 13 2005 - 14:33:14 EDT

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It is interesting and a lot to digest, since I haven't been following
the process for the NAAL.  What caught my eye yesterday was a section on
"Developing new performance levels."  The NAAL levels will allow policy
makers to answer 4 broad questions ( page ES-4), and essentially be
descriptors.  As they say, "the assessment was not designed to provide
information about what adults need to function adequately in society"
and "these performance levels are not intended to represent standards
for what is required to perform adeequately in society" and "the
assessments were not developed to support such inferences."

They do go on to answer the question I was rummaging around for: "In
identifying these levels, we were conscious of the fact that one of the
audiences for NAAL results will be adult education programs...Although
it is not possible to establish a one-to-one correspondence between the
NAAL and NRS levels, there appears to be a rough parallel between
nonliterate in English and the NRS beginning literacy level; between
below basic and the NRS beginning basic and low intermediate levels; and
between basic and the NRS high intermediate level."  I hope to wade into
the text this weekend and see how they arrived at this "rough parallel."

Howard, Project RIRAL

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