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Date: Fri Apr 15 2005 - 11:47:31 EDT

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I've looked at the website I was referred to in an earlier email but I'm
still not sure, other than the information contained for reading how to
actually put that information to "use". I'm definitely interested in it
because we don't do this at my school..the only assessement tool used is
TABE for ABE/GED/AHS and CASAS for ESL students. As somone who
encounters the reading difficulties in the classroom setting, it looks
like the information on the website would be useful but I've yet to
actually see an actual assessement tool beyond the WMT test that's

What am I missing?

Katrina Hinson
>>> 04/15/05 8:25 AM >>>
Hello all,
Thanks Norene for hosting the ARCS presentations in Montana.. I am 
gratified to hear that participants in the workshops are using the
website to diagnose their learners' reading.

Are other states where we have presented the ARCS putting the site to
Is there anyone, or group, in Virginia, Texas, Tennessee, New York, New 
England states, Florida, Michigan, Oklahoma, Oregon, Nevada, using the 
ARCS, or a similar system to diagnose problems of poor readers?   Let's 
hear from you -

Rosalind Davidson
Research Associate/Lecturer on Education
National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy
Harvard University Graduate School of Education
Nichols House - Appian Way
Cambridge, MA 02138
tel:(617) 496-8952
fax: (617) 495-4811

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