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NIFL-ASSESSMENT 2005: [NIFL-ASSESSMENT:1064] Assessment Session

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Date: Fri Apr 15 2005 - 14:54:25 EDT

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Subject: [NIFL-ASSESSMENT:1064] Assessment Session at  COABE  - NAASLN Precon on Accommodating Testing
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Attending COABE?  Know someone who is attending?

Don't miss the NAASLN (National Association for Adults with Special Learning 
Needs) Pre-Conference session at COABE on Wednesday, May 4th, 9:00 AM - 12:00 
Noon at the Anaheim Marriott Hotel. 

The session, Accommodating Standardized Tests in Adult Basic and Literacy 
Education for Adults with Special Learning Needs, is open to both COABE attendees 
and others who might wish to attend only the preconference session.    All 
session participants will receive an introductory membership to NAASLN.  Please 
register for the preconference session at the COABE website or onsite.

Session Description:
More adults with special learning needs are being identified and entering 
adult basic and literacy education programs.  How can programs pre and post test 
for learning gains or set expectations for these learners to take national 
tests without thinking about needed accommodations?           

Join this half day program to hear from test developers and test 
administrators about current protocols for accommodations.  Then, participate in the 
essential dialogs that will lead the field in setting policies and procedures for 
supporting all learners access to demonstrating their knowledge and abilities.  

The following standardized tests will be present to share their information 
on test accommodations:

CTB - McGraw Hill - The TABE Test
GED Testing Services

The Pre-Conference session will be a 'conversation' using open space 
technology and strategic dialogue to address key issues related to testing 
accommodations for persons with special learning needs.  The session will begin with the 
participates creating the key questions about accommodating standardized tests 
for persons with special learning needs. 

The session will be hosted by Joan Hudson Miller, President of NAASLN.  The 
session will be facilitated by Dr. Laura Weisel.

Session outcomes will be included in the June, 2005  NAASLN Membership 

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