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NIFL-ASSESSMENT 2005: [NIFL-ASSESSMENT:1068] FW: Discussion of

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FYI:  This is cross-posted from the AALPD Listserv:

In what ways does your program involve learners as partners in decision 
making?Have you ever participated in professional development led by
learners? Have you ever felt that you learned something from adult
learners in 
your class? Is learner leadership something you want to see grow in your

state, but you're not sure how to get started?

On April 18 - May 2nd guests will be joining NIFL-AALPD for a two part 
discussion of learner leadership in professional development and program

To subscribe to NIFL-AALPD:
William Grant, VALUE National Trainer, Director of Education for Voz,
Inc., a 
statewide professional development provider for New Mexico Adult
and Co-founder of BLAST, New Mexico's student leadership project

Ernest Best, Executive Director of The Massachusetts Alliance for Adult 
Literacy (Mass AAL) statewide student organization

Sally Gabb, Director of SABES SE (System for Adult Basic Education
Sally serves as the SABES liaison to Mass AAL, the Massachusetts
Alliance for 
Adult Literacy.

Stephen Hanley, Executive Director and Educator, WAITT House, Roxbury, 
Massachusetts. For 20 years, the WAITT House program has involved
leadership at every level: volunteer, student advisory council,
staff, community activism, and the governing level.

Pixie Hankinson, Executive Director of Vermont Adult Learning and

Benika Pierce, Learner Leader, Literacy Council of Tyler, Texas. Benika 
co-developed M.O.M.S.( Motivating Other Mothers for Success), a support
designed to create an encouraging community for moms attending GED
classes and 
cultivate learner leaders.

Angela Childers, Case Manager/Instructor, Literacy Council of Tyler,
Angela served on a team with adult learners in developing M.O.M.S.

Daniel Behnke, AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer, Florida Literacy Coalition.
works in partnership with learners to increase leadership opportunities
adult learners in Florida.

Judy Healey-Schmidt, OAASIS (Organization of Adult Alumni and Students
Servive) worker.  Judy acts in a program advisory capacity, assisting 
students, instructors, and program administrators in day-to-day

Meredith Lewis, OAASIS (Organization of Adult Alumni and Students in
Advisor, Deleware.  Meredith coordinates events and provides support to
workers.  OAASIS is the statewide student organization which links
students with their peers.

Part One: April 18th - 22nd
"Student Involvement in Teacher Training"
What is the role of adult students leading teacher training? What do
students teach teachers in professional development?    We will explore 
participants' experiences in both participating in and delivering
trainings for teachers, and how to develop learner led PD in your
program or 

Part Two: April 24th - May 2nd
"VALUE Core Leadership Training and Learner Leadership Organizations"
Participants on the NIFL-AALPD list will share their experiences with
VALUE Core Leadership Training and projects that developed as a result
of the 
training; experiences with learner leadership organizations, learner
involvement in programs, professional development for learner leaders,
and how 
to best support learner leadership in programs and states.

About the VALUE Core Leadership Training
The VALUE Core Leadership Training provides learners, practitioners, and

programs the essentials of what they need to know in order to have
student involvement in programs. The training is offered through state 
entities for programs. Practitioners and adult learners analyze program 
improvement issues, and collaborate in designing action plans and
projects directed at program improvement.  Learners strengthen abilities
areas such as critical thinking, organizational skills, time management,
other related leadership skills.

I hope you will join us!
Jackie Taylor, NIFL-AALPD List Moderator,

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