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Date: Tue May 24 2005 - 11:24:03 EDT

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Hello everyone,

I'm sending this over from the NIFL-Technology List (sign on at:

I thought some of you might find this interesting, particularly because
a large part of this appears to be about providing feedback
(assessment/evaluation in disguise?).

I am also interested in hearing the answers to David's questions below
(what do you think about this learning opportunity?  Do you think
students would be interested in this?).

I'm also interested in hearing about other distance learning methods and
projects and the ways in which feedback/assessment/evaluation works in
those venues.

Who is using distance learning techniques/resources, and how is that
working, particularly in terms of the assessment pieces?  I know that
for many distance programs, the requirements of the NRS can be tough.
How do you report results?

marie cora
Moderator, NIFL Assessment Discussion List, and 
Coordinator/Developer LINCS Assessment Special Collection at

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Subject: [NIFL-TECHNOLOGY:3591] Telephone Language Learning Software

NIFL-Technology and NIFL-ESL Colleagues,

I found this article, in the May 20th eMedia Wire, about a toll-free 
telephone learning system capable of processing student essays by 
telephone, and returning instant holistic scores, intriguing.  The 
article gives the web site (a moodle application) which has the 
assignments and the toll free number.  If you want to try it, you will 
be asked for a pin number.  I punched in 1234  on my phone and it 
worked, so you may be able to use this to try out the system.  (You 
will not get the results -- you have to be registered for that.)  The 
phone number of developer, Miami Dade College Professor Stephen 
Donahue, is given in the article in case you have questions.

Here's a paragraph from the article:

"The telephone learning system consists of 11 activities covering a 
spectrum of learning: Spelling, Multiplication Tables, Dictation, 
Tongue Twisters, Background Knowledge ("What is the capital of 
California?, etc.") and free responses for writing and speech topics. 
Activities involve both listening and actual voice output. The Web is 
an integral part of the phone system, and allows students to pre-view 
assignments, and get post-results, which are then emailed to them. Once 
the student's audio writing samples are converted to text, they are 
processed using an automatic essay evaluation program called California 
Electronic Writer, currently in use in California school districts. "

Free or low-cost internet telephony (by computer) and free evening and 
weekend minutes on some mobile phone plans means that a technology like 
this (even if the phone number weren't toll free) might be available 
for free to students who have cell phones or access to computers at 
home or work -- or in (some) program computer labs,

I am intrigued by this. I see it as just the beginning of language 
learning applications by telephone.

Would your students use this? And what do you think of this?

David J. Rosen

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