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Date: Wed Jun 08 2005 - 17:35:35 EDT

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Greetings everyone,

The following comes from colleague Jackie Taylor.  I attended the
pre-conference, and it was a well-prepared forum in which we really dug
deep into our notions of staff and professional development.  I was
fascinated, really enjoyed hearing from colleagues (some who are on this
list;), and thoroughly exhausted at the end of the day!!!  I highly
encourage you to visit, and contribute, to the AALPD wiki methods


Hello NIFL-AALPD Colleagues:
At the 2005 AALPD Preconference at COABE, participants contributed to a 
practice/research matrix of professional development (PD) approaches and

methods. I have put the matrix on the ALE Wiki where others can
their ideas, and references to theory and research.

I hope you will visit: 
and add your ideas, references, and professional wisdom to the matrix.
You may 
contribute by either sending your contribution to me at
<> no 
later than September 15, 2005, or by logging on to the ALE Wiki and
the "edit" tab at the top of the page you wish to edit.

After September 15th, your feedback on the ALE Wiki will be added to a
version of PD Methods Matrix and will be posted to the AALPD website,

To obtain a Word version of the PD Methods Matrix with updates from the
Pre-Conference, visit and click on "Publications."

Thanks again,

Jackie Taylor
NIFL-AALPD List Moderator

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