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Date: Fri Jun 24 2005 - 11:26:44 EDT

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Marie, earlier you said that the TABE and GED are not reading tests. 
Specifically, you commented "They were not developed
that way, constructed that way, and they are not structured that way."  I 
understand your comment in terms of the GED, but I'm curious why you say 
this about the TABE Reading test.  Are you saying that the TABE developers 
had no *intention* of measuring reading, or that they failed in the attempt?


Amy R. Trawick
North Wilkesboro, NC

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Sent: Friday, June 24, 2005 10:32 AM
Subject: [NIFL-ASSESSMENT:1140] Re: TABE

> Hi everyone,
> Hmmm...I still don't find the TABE to be a test of reading.  Even with
> the thoughtful ideas on it presented by folks.  You need to be able to
> read to do the test, true.  So the way I interpret that is to say that
> one has enough skills to be able to tackle (or master) a
> selected-response test (multiple choice test).
> What do others think?
> marie
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> Debbie,
> Thanks for your forbearance.
> Thanks also for your cut on the TABE.  Yes, I'd say a readng achievement
> test, with an assumption that the person knows how to read the words
> presented.
> Andrea

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