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Date: Mon Jun 27 2005 - 10:41:10 EDT

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The posts from Andre and Nancy underscore our on-going struggle.  The key
thing to note is that neither uses WIA funds for the programs they discuss.
Presumably they have funding (which I know is inadequate and hard to get)
from other sources to do these programs.  The choice so many have to make
over an over is:  do we accept or seek WIA funds and prostitute what we
know is effective practice, or do we not offer the programs at all?  That's
what I call a rock and a hard place, and many of us are wedged right
between. In the end, most of us have to compromise and admit a little bit
of both. The entire NRS system is a compromise, and like many compromises,
satisfies nobody.  

For the Cause of Literacy for All!  Debbie

Deborah W. Yoho
Co-moderator, NIFL-Health Listserv
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