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NIFL-ASSESSMENT 2005: [NIFL-ASSESSMENT:1175] RE: high-stakes te

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Date: Thu Jul 28 2005 - 12:17:46 EDT

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Hi there from Yavapai College, AZ,
I do like using the TABE for standardized testing; however, it does have its challenges. Last year we had one student test too low in the "D" book and then test too high in the "M" book, so we had difficulty finding a score for him in range. I did not make him reTABE a third time for his initial score. Perhaps the TABE ranges need to be considered in range a little further out on the battery.  Anyone have any ideas?
I also believe that the TABE is merely a tool to give us an idea of where to start our students. I did find one student who TABEd into 7A who couldn't divide. Marian from our Phoenix office gave me some suggestions about looking at the Locator to determine some of these issues. Also, we have an in-house math pretest that we give all incoming students after taking the TABE to determine where to start them in the Contemporary Satellite books. This in-house test is where we determined the problem. Otherwise, since the student was ASEII (our highest level) in all three areas, I might have encouraged him to go take his GED exam right away.
Anyone else finding students with major areas of weakness yet testing too high? Or students testing far lower than their actual ability?

Tina Luffman
Instructional Specialist, ABE-GED
Verde Valley Campus

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