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NIFL-ASSESSMENT 2005: [NIFL-ASSESSMENT:1194] FW: Request to he

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Date: Tue Aug 02 2005 - 12:16:21 EDT

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Dear List Members,
The following post is from Andrea Wilder.

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Subject: Re: [NIFL-ASSESSMENT:1189] Request to hear from USDOE and

I guess I'm in that gray area of funders, I don't do it myself, but I am
being paid to....another time, folks.

OK, what do funders want?  You'd have to make the rounds and ask, I
think there are differences.

The  place I work for wants adult literacy because:

*     It's the basis for democracy, people should be able to vote and to
read.  Maybe if people can vote and read poverty will be reduced.  Life
is especially unfair if you are a minority.

In addition, I want adult literacy because:

*     It's a way to reduce population growth and increase children's
health.  Causal relationsip, the  only one there is  The planet is
overburdened with homo sapiens, we are in trouble, wh= at with that and
global warming and India and China wanting coal...oil...droughts
increasing, decline..

Adult literacy = skilled readers.  Skilled readers = can read from an
adult level book, and/or can learn new literacy skills, like when there
is a job to be mastered.  The problem is how to make this happen. "Make
this happen" = skilled teachers.   Skilled teachers = know how people
learn to read, comfortable with technology (computers).

Skilled readers = can pass GED or other standardized test;  make
discernable literacy progress. 

Skilled readers should be part of an education network, like what Gail
S. talks about.  This may help them get jobs, expand opportunities.

That's kind of basic, and I could elaborate ad infinitum but will not.

Believe me, other funders will want different things, like increased
global competiveness, improved state economies, and so on.


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