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NIFL-ASSESSMENT 2005: [NIFL-ASSESSMENT:1213] Professional Devel

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The Association of Adult Literacy Professional Developers (AALPD) invites your 
feedback on a _draft_ platform of professional development (PD) policies that 
would best support teachers to access and benefit from professional 
development. This platform will constitute a vision for professional 
development for which we hope the field will advocate.

Once in final form, these PD policies should improve professional development 
for our field. For instance, when WIA legislation passes, states will be 
developing new, multi-year state adult education plans. The National Adult 
Education Professional Development Consortium (NAEPDC) will use a final 
version of these policy recommendations at their November 2005 meeting in 
Denver to introduce State ABE Directors to policies that could improve their 
state professional development systems. Several of these PD policies, if 
adopted, would advance The National Literacy Summit 2000 Action Agenda (see 
the PD Policy Matrix).

Draft Policies:

PD Policy Matrix:
(To print the Matrix, it may be helpful to use the "landscape" print option.)

We ask that individuals and organizations offer feedback on these draft 
policies by _September 14, 2005_. If you have additional references or real 
examples for the PD Policy Matrix, we would be glad to consider including 

To submit revisions:
Email Jackie Taylor at: <> or add your feedback to this ALE 
Wiki page:

Please consider these policies carefully over the next few weeks, and add your 
voice in shaping this important national policy initiative.

For the Association of Adult Literacy Professional Developers,

Jackie Taylor, Vice-Chair, AALPD,

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