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Hello All,

Below is a cross-posting from the NIFL Technology and Literacy discussion
Any feedback anyone on the Assessment list has would be most appreciated.
I will cross-post any responses made here to the Tech list.

Hi colleagues,
>I am looking for an interactive, online tool that will
>allow adult ESL teachers to self-assess their computer
>skills and ability to integrate technology into their
>curriculum.  I would like a tool that gives immediate
>feedback as to their strengths and weaknesses and
>maybe even ideas for professional development.  I like
>Indiana's My Target 2 tool, however, it is geared for
>K-12 teachers and is quite lengthy
>I look forward to your ideas.  Thanks.
>Karisa Tashjian
>Rhode Island Family Literacy Initiative

Mariann Fedele
Coordinator of Professional Development, 
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