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NIFL-ASSESSMENT 2005: [NIFL-ASSESSMENT:1215] FW: goal setting

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Date: Tue Aug 09 2005 - 11:54:50 EDT

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Dear everyone,
The following post is from Lisa Mullins.
I am an ABE GED teacher in a full-time setting.  I wanted to share my
process of goal setting by answering your questions. 
Do you think that setting goals is an important part of the assessment

Goal setting is an intricate part of the assessment process.  Goals help
the students and teachers know where this learning process is leading.
Sometimes I have a student who states that they don't know why they need
to know things or have skills, so is it very important to connect the
goal and the task they are learning.  
How do you educate/orient your students to a goal-setting process?
 I use the Equipped for the Future process of goal setting by looking at
the role maps and skills wheel and examining what the students want to
be able to do and what they should know.

What does your process look like? 
The process involves looking at TABE scores, looking at the many roles a
person plays in his life, looking at the student's expectations, and
what will be expected of him in the workplace, education/training, as a
family member, and a citizen of the community.  We set goals with time
lines. Next, we make a needs list. Then we make study plans.  Then we
put that plan on a calandar, and go to work on reaching the goals.  I
also try to find the learning style and the likes, dislikes, and
interests of the student.  This helps me know what will work with this
Is it fundamental to the rest of your (accountability system) work?

Goal setting is the first step in the accountability system.  First, I
am accountable to the student because if the student does not see that
we are on the road to achieving her goals then she will not attend my
class.  Next, I am accountable to the administration who signs my
paycheck because if students are not making achievements I am not doing
my job.  Then, I am accountable to the funders, state department, and
stakeholders because I said I would provide instruction that helps
students make achievements.
In my class students set overall goals for themselves, but each day we
narrow down what activities we will engage in to reach a more narrow
goal.  For example, my student wants to earn a GED to find work.  That's
two goals. What kind of work.  Postal worker, so that's another goal.
She knows she must have math skills to do all these things, so the next
goal is to improve math skills.  What math skills?  She knows that being
able to order and visualize numbers will be important for the GED or the
Post Office, so learning to order numbers correctly and find patterns in
numbers becomes the goal of the day or week.  I use the EFF
Teaching/Learning cycle to carry out daily lessons in this manner.

Thank you,
Lisa Mullins
Hawkins County, Tennessee

Marie Cora <> wrote:
Good evening, morning and afternoon to you all,

Well, the Red Sox have a 2 run lead (over Kansas City), so I'm feeling
like I can take a minute to ask you all this:

Do you think that setting goals is an important part of the assessment

How do you educate/orient your students to a goal-setting process? 

What does your process look like?

Is it fundamental to the rest of your (accountability system) work?

Do you have questions to pose, or statements that you can make about
setting goals with students?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Forever Boston Red Sox Fan


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