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Date: Fri Sep 09 2005 - 13:04:27 EDT

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**** Please Share The Following Information Within Your Office, Program, 
Service Delivery System, and within your Constituency Base *******

NAASLN (the National Association for Adults with Special Learning Needs) is 
proud to present to you the NAASLN '05 conference information you've been 
waiting for!    

Download the conference flier,, to gather all the 
information you need about this year's NAASLN Conference, November 12 - 15, the 
Grand Hyatt Hotel, Denver, CO. This dynamic conference is being co-sponsored by 
NAEPDC and the CO. Department of Education, Adult Education.  Review the 
conference flier to learn more about:

This year's Keynote Session will be presented by Dale Brown, author of 
numerous books and articles on employment of persons with disabilities.  Dale's 
keynote targets being a passionate and empowered professional, advocating for 
persons with specific learning needs, and building the community partnerships 
needed to serve and support persons with specific learning needs. Dale's keynote 
will be both challenging and provocative! 

NAASLN's pre-conference sessions include an interactive session with NAEPDC, 
State Directors of Adult Basic and Literacy Education, on establishing state 
policies, professional development, and evidence-based practices for serving 
persons with specific learning needs.  Additional preconference sessions will be 
hosted by Robin Schwarz (ESOL Challenging Learners - is it LD or What?), Dr. 
Arlyn Roffman (Supportive techniques for LD ...Beyond the Classroom), and Ron 
Hume (Supporting Persons with LD, ADD, Mental Health and Substance Abuse 
Challenges in the Workforce).

Read the list of 65+ INCREDIBLE sessions, from the latest on brain research 
(Rewiring the Brain, Brain Functioning, and How Emotions are Central to ALL 
Learning) to techniques for individuals who are math and reading challenged, to 
the best of programming for at-risk youth in transition, serving the special 
needs of TANF clients, the latest on screening and testing, special need 
learners in youth and adult corrections, updates on Bridges to Practice, special 
needs in the workforce, updates on technology, ESOL and special needs in varying 
cultures, test accommodations and the TABE, CASAS, GED....and MORE!

Poster sessions will spotlight programs from across the nation are 'walking 
the walk and talking the talk' - programs that have implemented systemic 
changes to serve all persons who learn differently....and have used these services 
to expand services, align with community partners, and expand resources!

Over 20 venders, specializing in the most-up-to-date, research-based, 
technology and materials for special learning needs, will be at this year's 

Nominate the professional you believe has made a real difference on 
positively impacting the lives of persons with special learning needs by completing the 
Awards Nomination Form in the flier.

Early bird rate good through September 30!  Register NOW!

Visit for more information on NAASLN 2005!


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