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NIFL-ASSESSMENT 2005: [NIFL-ASSESSMENT:1237] Reviewing the Adul

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Date: Sun Sep 25 2005 - 07:12:46 EDT

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Subject: [NIFL-ASSESSMENT:1237] Reviewing the Adult Literacy Education Wiki
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Dear Colleague,

The Adult Literacy Education (ALE) Wiki, a community of practice on  
the WorldWide Web whose focus is adult literacy education research  
and professional wisdom, will be one year old this December.  A  
volunteer effort, it now has over 400 registered users, and over 500  
pages.  Although some of its 22 topic areas are more developed than  
others, we believe that most areas now have useful information for  
adult literacy education teachers, other practitioners, and  
researchers. But the ALE Wiki is not only a resource.  It is also  
where adult literacy researchers and practitioners can learn from  
each other; where, we hope, eventually the questions that are most  
important to practitioners are answered; and where the answers are  
based on research or the professional wisdom and experience of  
practitioners and adult learners.

We invite you to do a review of the Adult Literacy Education Wiki, or  
one of its topic areas, for a newsletter or other publication of your  
choice.  We are eager to get the word out to as many practitioners as  
possible, so they can use and to add the ALE Wiki.  We are equally  
eager to know what adult literacy education (including basic  
literacy, ABE, ASE and ESOL) practitioners and researchers see as the  
ALE Wiki's strengths and weaknesses.

Whether or not your review is published, please send it to us.  The  
topic area leaders, and other major contributors to the ALE Wiki,  
want to know what our colleagues find helpful and what needs to be  

Of course, your contributions to the ALE Wiki's topics are welcome.   
If you are interested in adding to the ALE Wiki, please register and  
then you can add text.   If you are interested in being a leader for  
a current or new topic area, please let us know.

The Adult Literacy Education Wiki will be found at:

Topic areas that we believe are fairly well developed include:

     •  Assessment

     •  Professional Development

     •  Technology

     •  Workforce, Workplace and Worker Education

David J. Rosen
Adult Literacy education Wiki Organizer

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