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NIFL-ASSESSMENT 2005: [NIFL-ASSESSMENT:1276] RE: Using (or not!

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Date: Mon Oct 10 2005 - 15:56:22 EDT

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We use SCANTRON forms 882-E. We have a reader and we make our own keys. We have stopped using the CASAS Tops Pro since we found that it was expensive and we where not interested in an analysis of the so called "competencies". We are still looking for a good ESL test that truly tests English language skills.
One has to purchase or lease a Scantron reader and they can be contacted at 1-800-722-6876 or at
This system is much, much cheaper.

Gustav A. Kocsis
English as a Second Language Coordinator
Adult Basic Education
Santa Fe Community College
6401 Richards Ave
Santa Fe, NM 87508

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Subject: [NIFL-ASSESSMENT:1275] Using (or not!) Tops Pro

Greetings all - 

Our program recently purchased Tops Pro from CASAS to help us with our testing and registration processes.  We're having an issue though with the bubble forms and we'd like to hear from others.  We'd like to use one side of one form and one side of a different form - that is, we'd like to have our own version of the form printed with the sides that we need.  So far the word from CASAS is that this cannot be done.  This means that we'd have to waste our funds by buying two separate forms.    We went to another major company that makes bubble forms, but they just called CASAS and got the same answer.   We know that this is possible from a tech perspective.

Has anyone else run across this issue or know what to do?


Donna Kinerney
Adult ESOL & Literacy-GED Program
Montgomery College
Wheaton Westfield South
11002 Veirs Mill Rd, Suite 210
Wheaton, MD 20902
Voice 301-962-8950
Fax    301-962-8215

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