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NIFL-ASSESSMENT 2005: [NIFL-ASSESSMENT:1290] Online Professiona

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The Center for Literacy Studies at the University of Tennessee, and the
Literacy Resource Center at Kent State University are proud to announce
opening of registration for our fall distance learning courses.
Overviews of
each course, as well as the start dates, are outlined below. More
information and registration can be found at:

Tim Ponder
Ohio Literacy Resource Center/Midwest LINCS

Integration of Technology in the Adult Education Classroom Course begins
October 24, 2005 Cost - $149/person
Facilitator: Linda Eckert, AE Pro Developer 

Have you ever tried to blindly put a puzzle together without knowing
what the final picture will look like? This may be what is happening to
you when you are trying to integrate computer technology into your
classroom. This course will provide quick access to educational
resources, lesson plans, activities, tools for evaluating educational
software, information about purchasing educational software, and
knowledge to help you utilize a variety of software applications and
web-based activities in the classroom. Online activities, discussion
boards and assessments will keep you engaged.

ESOL Basics
Course begins October 31, 2005
Cost - $149/person
Facilitator: Claire Valier, ESOL Coordinator and Certified CASAS Trainer

Do you need to know the basics of ESOL instruction?  Through this online
course, you will learn how to identify characteristics of adult ESOL
learners, effective methods of teaching languages, the four language
and how adults learn another language. Online activities, discussion
and assessments will keep you engaged.

Adult Education Teacher and Student
Course begins November 7, 2005
Cost - $149/person
Facilitator: Debra L. Hargrove, AE Pro Developer 

How Do We Teach Adults?  Research investigating adults as learners
concludes that adults learn differently than children. If that premise
is true, then why do we so often teach them both in the same way? In
truth, many practitioners come to adult education with little or no
background in "adults as learners." Through this online course, you will
look at "who is the adult learner" by looking at background statistics
on "who takes the GED", learning disabilities in adults, and what brain
research says about how adult learners learn best. Online activities,
discussion boards and assessments will keep you engaged.

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