CCR Standards Project

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CCR Standards Project

CCR Resources and Professional Development Materials

Now available: CCR Standards-based professional development (PD) materials made for adult educators. They replicate the eight key activities offered during the three College and Career Readiness (CCR) Implementation Institutes (2014). Each ready-to-use unit includes:

  • An annotated PowerPoint presentation;
  • A facilitator’s guide;
  • Participant handouts; and
  • Other supporting resources.

There are eight units of PD materials—four for English language arts/literacy (ELA/literacy) and four for mathematics. They all incorporate the key instructional advances that identify the most significant parts of the CCR Standards for Adult Education. The advances are crucial to preparing students for postsecondary success!

What do the ELA/literacy units address and how do they fit together?

At the heart of the three ELA/literacy instructional advances is a focus on the careful examination of the text itself. The ELA/literacy units revolve around:

  • Focusing on the complexity of texts students need to read;
  • Building students’ ability to draw evidence from texts; and
  • Making the connection between comprehension of text and acquisition of knowledge.

ELA/Literacy Units 1–4

What do the math units address and how do they fit together?

At the heart of the three math instructional advances is a focus on the critical content and processes that fuel mastery in mathematics needed for college and careers. The math units revolve around:

  • Focusing deeply on the major work of each level;
  • Designing learning around coherent progressions level to level;
  • Pursuing conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and application—all with equal intensity; and
  • Enriching instruction by applying the Standards for Mathematical Practice.

Math Units 1–4