Learning to Achieve

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Research-Based Resources and Professional Development to Increase Achievement of Adults with Learning Disabilities

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The Program

Learning to Achieve is designed to build teacher effectiveness in providing instruction for adults with learning disabilities (LD). It includes an integrated set of research-based resources and professional development materials available for self-study or trainer-led events.  In order to increase the reach and accessibility of these materials, more of the training has been made available for online, self-study and facilitators guides will be available for trainers to conduct blended, local training events.

 The Resources

Learning to Achieve: A Review of the Research Literature on Serving Adults with Learning Disabilities An extensive literature review serves as a foundational document reflecting the current knowledge base in assessment, English language learners, accommodations, teaching methods, transition, and impact of LD. 

Learning to Achieve: A Review of the Research Literature on Employment Experiences and Outcomes for Youth and Adults with Learning Disabilities This review specifically targets research on adults in the areas of employment, adult education, and career development.

Learning to Achieve: A Professional’s Guide to Educating Adults with Learning Disabilities This companion guide is a stand-alone resource for professionals who work with adults with LD. The chapters cover relevant characteristics of adults with LD, matched with descriptions and examples of practical intervention strategies. A major theme in research and practice is that effective interventions are appropriate and effective for all adult learners—good instruction is good instruction.


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Professional Development

Practitioners can access the Learning to Achieve professional development in several ways. Certified trainers may deliver local level training sessions or blended experiences that coordinate with self-paced  online learning modules. Any practitioner may access the online modules on-demand.  All of the options use the same set of rigorously reviewed materials covering core concepts such as the definition of LD, reading disabilities, and explicit instruction techniques. The LINCS Regional Professional Development Centers (RPDCs) coordinate the delivery of the Learning to Achieve professional development training sessions provided by an approved LINCS National Trainer.