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Assessment Strategies and Reading Profiles

Enter Learner's Scores

Make a Match

Enter your learner's scores in the form below to be matched to one of 11 research-based reading profiles.

Not sure how to get these test scores for your learner? Here are some suggestions:

  • Word Recognition: You can download a Word Recognition test from the Resources section on this site. Learn more about this free Word Recognition Test, a subtest (Word Reading) of the Quick Adult Reading Inventory (QARI). If your program uses other tests for placement such as the Slosson Oral Reading Test (SORT), or the Wide Range, which you can also use. Or, see three references to the San Diego Quick Assessment List, another test you can also use.

  • Spelling: If your program uses the TABE, you can give its Spelling assessment. You can also use the Spelling subtest of either the WRAT or the Woodcock-Johnson battery. If none of these is an option, you can check with your local K-12 schools for lists from their spelling programs. If you cannot find graded spelling lists, you can test your learner on a few words from the Word Recognition list you used. There are very few learners who spell at or above their Word Recognition level so start with words at their Word Recognition GE, or one or two GE levels below. Proceed up or down the Word Recognition list until they can correctly spell at least three words on a list. The GE you decide to enter will be an approximation of the learner's Spelling mastery.

  • Word Meaning: We have developed a Word Meaning test and put it on this Web site for you to download and use. Learn more about this free Word Meaning Test.

  • Silent Reading Comprehension: Your program should already have a Silent Reading Comprehension test score for each learner.

  • Oral Reading Rate: See how to calculate your learner's Oral Reading Rate.

You must enter all scores for the analysis to work properly!!

Match an ASRP Profile

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2. What state? (If not US, choose Other.)      

3. Please fill in your learner's Grade Equivalent scores in each reading component (except Oral Reading Rate, which you will enter as words per minute). Press Perform Analysis when you are finished.

0.0 - 12.0 GE 0.0 - 12.0 GE 0.0 - 12.0 GE 0.0 - 12.0 GE Words per Minute