Early Childhood Programs & Projects


The National Institute for Literacy sponsored programs based on scientifically based research in early childhood literacy.  These early childhood programs included:

  • Information Dissemination.  The Institute managed an outreach program to disseminate publications and information on early childhood literacy to federal government agencies, higher education institutions, patent organizations, governors and local early childhood programs.
  • Development of Early Childhood Literacy Resources.  NIFL developed booklets summarizing research finding of the National Early Literacy Panel and other scientifically based research. Click here to see the Institute’s publications.
  • Successful Professional Development Practices.  NIFL developed a report on preschool literacy professional development practices identified as successful by the national evaluation of Early Reading First (ERF). NIFL provided $1 million to the Institute for Education Sciences (IES) for the ERF national evaluation, which gathered information on the extent to which: (1) ERF improves children's skills in oral language, phonological awareness, print awareness, and alphabet knowledge; (2) the quality of language and literacy instruction, practice, and materials differ between ERF preschools and non-ERF preschools; and (3) variations in ERF program quality and implementation associated with differences in participants' outcomes.
  • Future Directions in Early Childhood Literacy Research.   The National Institute for Literacy gathered information to inform a future research agenda on early childhood literacy using gaps in the research uncovered during the NELP literature review as well as the views of literacy experts.