Literacy Fact Sheets

Literacy Fact Sheets

About the Literacy Fact Sheets

The fact sheets are a representation of the most recent information on various topics in the fields of literacy and workforce development. The information covers facts in Early Childhood, Kindergarten through Grade 3, and Adult Literacy and Learning. Statistics highlighted in the fact sheets relate to reading development, health literacy, workforce development, and adult education. These fact sheets are intended to provide beneficial information to a variety of audiences including professional and educational organizations, policymakers, federal agencies, researchers, graduate students, and the general public.

Each fact sheet is 1-2 pages with easy to read tables, hyperlinks to the actual citations, and a list of references at the end of each topic area. The references provide full bibliographic information and, where possible, an html link directly to the document online. (Most of the documents cited are available as PDF files.) For comparative studies conducted in previous years, check the publishers' Web sites for more information.

Selection Criteria

The fact sheets do not provide a definitive list of statistics related to literacy. The following criteria were used in selecting information included in the fact sheet:

  • The statistics are from nationally representative samples of the population.
  • Priority is given to the most recent research and data available.
  • Statistical data is quoted from the original source.
  • The statistics and data analyses are well represented, accurate, accessible, and easy to follow.