Research-based Health Literacy Materials and Instruction Guide - Beginning and Intermediate ABE and ESL Levels

Research-based Health Literacy Materials


The initial development and implementation of these health literacy materials was the direct result of competitive federal funding for adult literacy research. The original health literacy materials, which form the basis for this web-based version, were developed through a grant from The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (2002-2008) to Dr. Susan Levy, University of Illinois at Chicago Institute for Health Research and Policy. The project was funded through a federal partnership which included The National Institute for Literacy, the Office of Vocational and Adult Education of the US Department of Education, and the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. For more details, including a full list of the original research project staff, see Introduction and Acknowledgements.

These health literacy materials meet both the need of adults to enhance their literacy skills as well as their need to navigate the health care system and begin to achieve better health care for themselves and their families. These materials integrate literacy skills and practice with pertinent health information. In a scientifically-based research environment, use of these materials led to an increase in participants’ literacy scores on standardized tests used to validate literacy gains. And, equally as important for these adult learners, they significantly increased health literacy and knowledge. 

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