Instruction Guide - Research-based Intermediate Health Literacy Materials and Instruction Guide

Research-based Health Literacy Materials and Instruction Guide

Intermediate ABE and ESL Levels

Instruction Guide

The Health Literacy Materials developed for the research project were customized to accommodate the needs of different types of adult literacy students, from beginning to advanced level ABE students, and from beginning to advanced level “ESL” or English language learners.

This web-based edition of the materials is aimed at Intermediate level ABE students and Intermediate level English language learners.

Introduction and Acknowledgements
Student Assessment and Research-Informed Practice
Part 1: A Closer Look at Vocabulary
Part 2: A Closer Look at Reading and Comprehension
Part 3: A Closer Look at Supplemental Activities
Part 4: A Closer Look at ESL Activities
Core Vocabulary List
Health Literacy Assessment
Health Literacy Assessment: Instructions and Answer Key
Instruction Guide ( compiled 70pgs - 2mb)

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