Correctional Research

The Post-Release Employment and Recidivism Among Different Types of Offenders With A Different Level of Education: A 5-Year Follow-Up Study in Indiana


In this longitudinal study the researchers have conducted a 5-year (2005-2009) follow-up study to explore the impact of an offender’s education and post-release employment on recidivism among different types of offenders (i.e., violent, non-violent, sex, and drug offenders).

Policymakers and Implementers

Career and Technical Education Program's Influences on Post-Release Outcomes for Offenders in Virginia


The aim of this study was to investigate the impact of CTE [career and technical education] on time to gain employment post-release, length of employment, and average quarterly earnings among ex-offenders, as well as recidivism” (p. 1). Results and findings are presented for: sample description; the differences in post-release employment measures between CTE program participants and non-participants; the extent to which program participation affects recidivism; and the differences in employment outcomes between participants and non-participants.