Counseling and Postsecondary Education Transitions


This resource examines the role of counselors in adult education that facilitate the transition of adult learners to postsecondary education. 


Building the Bridge Between Community College and Work For Students with Learning Disabilities


This article presents information to assist students with LD, counselors and employers to build the bridge between community college and work. Students must learn to articulate how their LD impacts them in a variety of situations, especially those requiring learning and performing work related tasks. Preparing for job interviews, anticipating barriers throughout the employment process, and developing ways to mitigate these barriers are essential skills that must be learned.

Teacher Trainers
Instructional Staff
Business Partners

Uncoupling of Reading and IQ Over Time: Empirical Evidence for a Definition of Dyslexia


This resource shows the realtionship between reading, IQ and dyslexia. 

Teacher Trainers