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English As A Second Language

Project Hotel T.E.A.C.H. Curriculum


Hotel TEACH targets developing English language skills, soft skills and technology skills with the goal of helping learners acquire jobs in the hotel industry. It is based in industry standards,...


Health Care Career Pathways and Adult English Language Learners

This report discusses health care workforce needs in entry-level, midlevel and professional positions, a profile of the changing American workforce, with a focus on adult immigrants and English...
Local Program Administrators
Professional Developers
State Staff

Connecting Literacy, Learning & Work

This book is an accessible and comprehensive resource that offers theoretical background, rationale, insight into, and considerations for developing an educational program that links literacy and...
Local Program Administrators

Turn-Taking and Opening Interactions


This short article is based on a comparative qualitative study examining opening turn-taking practices during peer-to-peer interactions. Drawing on his findings the author provides the rationale...

Toward a New Pluralism in ABE/ESOL Programs: Teaching to Multiple "Cultures of Mind"


This brief describes the results from a one-year study examining the learning and changes that took place in 41 adult ABE/ESOL learners enrolled in "long term" programs. Researchers were...

Teaching Culture in Adult ESL: Pedagogical and Ethical Considerations


This short article reports the findings and implications from an ethnographic study on the appropriateness and use of teaching culture to English as a second language (ESL) students. The study was...

Same Activity, Different Focus


This resource reports on the outcomes of a qualitative research study investigating how beginning language learners negotiate meaning during pair activities. Researchers found that paired...

Real World Research: Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Research for Adult ESL


This paper discusses the importance of qualitative and quantitative research and how they can inform the adult ESL field; the authors contextualize this discussion by using the real-life example...

Podcasting: An Effective Tool for Honing Language Students' Pronunciation?


This resource addresses the effect of podcasting as a tool for improving intermediate language learners’ pronunciation skills. The researchers posed four research questions; three questions...

Findings in ESL: A Quick Reference to Findings of CAAL Research on ESL Programs at Community Colleges


This 22-page document concisely summarizes the findings from a study examining the nature and effectiveness of adult education English as a second language (ESL) programs offered at community...


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