Prison Education

Investing in Futures: Economic and Fiscal Benefits of Postsecondary Education in Prison


This report describes how lifting the current ban on awarding Pell Grants to incarcerated people would benefit workers, employers, and states.

Family and Community Supporters
Policymakers and Implementers
Researchers and Developers

How Effective Is Correctional Education, and Where Do We Go from Here? The Results of a Comprehensive Evaluation


This report presents a summary of the findings from an earlier literature review and meta-analysis on the effectiveness of correctional education programs for incarcerated adults, as well as a systematic review of correctional education programs for juveniles and the results of a national survey of state correctional education directors, which provide an up-to-date picture of what the field of correctional education looks like today in the United States and explores the use of computer technology, preparations for the new 2014 GED exam, and the impact of the 2008 recession.

Policymakers and Implementers
Instructional Staff

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Correctional Education: A Meta-Analysis of Programs That Provide Education to Incarcerated Adults


This report explores the connection between correctional education a reduction in postrelease recidivism.

Teacher Trainers
Policymakers and Implementers