WIA Community Conversations Transcripts and Summaries

WIA Community Conversations Transcripts and Summaries

An Online Guest Discussion

WIA Community Conversations

January 11-15, 2010, Assistant Secretary Brenda Dann-Messier invited the
National Institute for Literacy’s online communities of practice ("discussion
lists") to participate in a candid conversation about what the field’s
successes and needs are in providing adult education programs and services. The Administration was particularly interested in hearing feedback from discussants around 2-3 questions specific to each discussion list topic .

Transcripts and Summaries of the WIA Community Conversations

Adult Literacy Professional Development: Transcript, Summary

Assessment: Transcript, Summary

Diversity and Literacy: Transcript, Summary

English Language Acquisition: Transcript, Summary

Health Literacy: Transcript

Learning Disabilities: Transcript, Summary

Reading and Writing Skills: Transcript, Summary

Technology and Distance Learning: Transcript, Summary

Transitions to Post-secondary Education: Transcript, Summary

Workforce Competitiveness: Transcript, Summary