Frequently Asked Questions - WIA Community Conversations

How do I participate in the discussion?

To participate in the conversations, subscribe to one or more discussion lists of your choice by visiting the discussion list subscription page. Check the list(s) to which you would like to subscribe; click "Subscribe." You will receive a confirmation message in your email containing a link to validate your subscription for each list.

Once subscribed, you will receive a Welcome message with instructions on how to post messages to the lists and other useful information.

Does each day start from the beginning with the first topic being discussed or is it a contunous conversation for five days?

For this discussion, the questions will be posted by the Assistant Secretary on Monday morning, and it is a continuous conversation over five days. The discussion list subscribers will take the conversation where they think that the most important issues lie with regard to the list topic and WIA reauthorization.

What hours of the day are these conversations taking place?

The conversation happens in email, so there are no set hours of the day. One could contribute at any hour of the day or night.