Full Discussion - Conclusion - Strategies for Innovation in Community College ESL, February 4 - 8, 2008

Dear Participants,

Since it's Friday night and Marie says the Discussion is over, I guess
It is. But I'd like to thank you all personally for taking the time to participate and for making this such an "interesting" week for me.

I've learned a lot, and I hope you've benefited too. In any event, you all seem to be wonderful people, and I hope we haven't heard the last of each other. Both Jodi and I will be at the TESOL Convention, and I would love to meet you personally.

Forrest Chisman

Let me add my thanks as well. I learned a lot.

Jodi Crandall

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to make a slight apology and also send my thanks to our guests, Dr. Jodi Crandall and Dr. Forrest Chisman, for a rich and interesting discussion last week.

As for the apology, I accidentally sent this post through: you will see at the bottom of Dr. Chisman's email he notes that there is an attachment - a photo of his "child" (I will let him fill you in). Unfortunately, I can't send attachments through to the List (this could cause some subscribers' internet access to complain). I had wanted to re-send the message without the attachment info, but it slipped by me.

At any rate, once again my thanks to our guests - and to those subscribers who publicly joined our conversation. I hope everyone found it useful and interesting. I will send out email this week to let you know when the transcript of the discussion is prepared for you.


Marie Cora

Assessment Discussion List Moderator

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