Literacy in Recovery: Two years after Hurricane Katrina - August 15 - 29, 2007

Starting on August 15th guest facilitators will be hosting a discussion on the state of adult literacy in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The two year anniversary of this tragic event falls in the end of August, and as we know there is still much that needs to be done to help the residents of New Orleans.


  • Rachel Nicolosi, Program Director, Literacy Alliance of Greater New
  • Manon Pavy, Coordinator, YMCA Educational Services
  • Karla Sikaffy, Director, Hispanic Apostolate ESL Program
  • Linda Detiege, adult learner, member of the dormant adult learner leadership group - ALIVE - Adult Learners Initiating Voices for Education
  • Zarus E. P. Watson Associate Professor of Counselor Education and Research Director, UNO Research Center for Multiculturalism and Counseling at University of New Orleans.

Topics for Discussion

  • What do adult literacy programs look like in New Orleans after Katrina?
  • Funding for adult literacy programs after Katrina-how much and from where?
  • Literacy Volunteers in adult literacy programs after Katrina-do they exist-are they hard to find?
  • Learners in adult literacy programs after Katrina-have they returned and what are their experiences?
  • What are the unique struggles that immigrants face after Katrina?
  • What role does workforce development play?

Recommended Reading
This is the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center - the nonprofit that manages data related to the region including "The Katrina Index" - Beginning in December 2005, the Katrina Index began monitoring the social and economic recovery of the Gulf Coast region, especially the New Orleans area, from the storm's impact in August 2005. Relying on nearly 40 indicators, the Index has aimed to provide members of the media, key decision makers, nonprofit and private
sector groups, and researchers with an independent, fact-based, one-stop resource to monitor and evaluate the progress of on-the-ground recovery. A two-year Special Edition will be released on August 8.

Please encourage your friends and colleagues to join us.


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