Discussing Diversity and Power Issues for Professional Development in Adult Literacy February 18 - 29, 2008

I am proud to announce that in anticipation and preparation for the We
Conference (http://www.litwomen.org/conference.html ) Margery
Freeman and Kathy King (bios found below) will be facilitating on this
list from 2/18-2/29 a guest discussion on: "Discussing Diversity and
Power Issues for Professional Development in Adult Literacy." The We
Conference is going to be held March 7-8 and according to the
above URL:

"The daily lives of women in adult basic/literacy education remain
especially complex due to inequities based on race, class, gender, and
other diversities. This year’s conference will explore the differences
that divide women and look to ways of building alliances across those

Examples of possible questions that will be explored:

  • How are the issues of race, class, culture, gender, and power expressed in our adult literacy classes?
  • Do you find that adult literacy students are willing to discuss issues related to race, class, culture, gender, and power? Why or why not?
  • What are the race, class, culture, gender, and power issues that are not discussed but you think would be beneficial to discuss?
  • What barriers do you as an educator face in facilitating such a discussion?
  • Do you have recommended strategies that you find succcessful to discussing race, class, culture, gender, and power issues?

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Guest Facilitators

Margery Freeman has been an educator for 35 years. Her breadth of
experience include public school teaching (middle and high school),
early childhood education and child advocacy, and adult literacy
education. She has directed programs with local and national
organizations, including the National Council of Churches and
ProLiteracy America.

Margery roots her work in the principles and practices she has learned
through her 25-year relationship with The People's Institute for
Survival and Beyond, a multi-racial, anti-racist organization that
promotes community-based organizing for social change. She is a core
trainer/organizer with the People's Institute, leading "Undoing
workshops across the country, primarily with human service and
educational institutions.

In New York, where she lives with her husband, David Billings, Margery
is actively involved with the AntiRacist Alliance and the Equity
Alliance to promote equitable and humane in stituations throughout the
tri-state region.

Dr. Kathleen P. King is a tenured full professor of adult education
specializing in adult education, educational technology, distance
learning and professional development in Fordham's Graduate School of
Education, New York City, NY. Because of her great passion for the
field of adult learning and innovation in teaching and research, she has
authored 11 books and over 120 research articles and papers. She is
also a frequent keynote speaker for national and international conferences
and research presenter. She served as director of university research
and professional development center at the Bronx campus for four years
leading a complete redesign and revitalization of the center,
development of over $10 million in joint grant funding with community
partners, and expansion educational services to over 3000 participants
locally and 1.5 million globally per year. She is also president of
Transformation Education LLC a thriving educational consulting

Her educational work and research has focused on adult learning
contexts since 1978 but has spanned grades and content levels childhood- adult
education, training, higher education, corporate organizations,
government, international and virtual settings. She is also founding
editor of the journal, Perspectives: The New York Journal of Adult
Learning (www.retc.fordham.edu/persepctives), which is in 7th year of
publication as a partnership among Fordham's MS in Adult Education
program and the NY state association of adult education (NYACCE)
(www.nyacce.org). "Kathy" lives in the metro-NYC area with her partner
Sharon and their 2 lively bichons; they have 2 sons in college (Seamus
and Bill). She is especially excited that she is now teaching adult
learners online through the university; as in the Summer of 2007 she
and Dr. Heuer at Fordham have been able to launch the School's first
distance learning program- MS in Adult Education and HRD.

We hope that you will think about the above questions and join us for
the discussion on 2/18!


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