What Is Family Literacy? Discussion with Meta Potts 2001 - Summary

What Is Family Literacy? Discussion with Meta Potts - Summary

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From April 14 to April 23, 2001, Dr. Meta Potts "guest moderated" a discussion related to "what is family literacy?"

Dr. Meta Potts served as Director of Adult Learning Services for the National Center for Family Literacy, as the first NCFL Director of the NCFL Family and Child Education Program for the Bureau of Indian Affairs and as Director of Training Research and Development before she moved to Phoenix, Arizona, in 1998. She heads her own consulting business, Literacy FOCUS.

This discussion is outlined below.

  1. List Moderator's introduction of Meta Potts.
  2. Meta's introduction to the first discussion: What is family literacy?
    Subscribers' and Meta's responses.
  3. Second discussion: Is family literacy an art or a science?
    Subscribers' and Meta's responses.
  4. Other Comments:
    Questions and responses about the Family Literacy Alliance.
    Questions and responses about Equipped for the Future.
  5. Farewell message from Meta Potts.
    Subscriber comments.
  6. Closing by the List Moderator.