Learning Disabilities and Ohio: Policies and Professional Development January 9-11, 2008

Discussion Announcement

I am very pleased to announce the Learning Disabilities Discussion List's first guest discussion for the new year. Learning Disabilities and Ohio: Policies and Professional Development. Please read the pertinent information below.

Guest's Bio:

Sharon Reynolds is the Coordinator of the Central/Southeast ABLE Resource Center in Athens, Ohio and has been in the field of education for 17 years. As Curriculum and Training Specialist C/SE ABLE Resource Center, she developed and delivered regional and statewide professional development activities which focused on working with adults with learning disabilities. She has also functioned as a teacher coach, assisting instructors in implementing curriculum in their classrooms. Sharon graduated with a BS in Education of the Hearing Impaired/Elementary Education from Trenton State College in New Jersey and received her MA in Education specializing in Curriculum and Instruction/Instructional Technology from Virginia Tech.

Katrina Seymour has been involved in adult education in Ohio for more than 10 years. She has served in several different capacities, including as coordinator of the Pickaway County ABLE Coordinator, Pickaway County Literacy Council Coordinator, family literacy teacher, family literacy coordinator, and ABLE teacher. She has assisted with learning disabilities trainings for professionals across Ohio and was recently trained as a peer coach.

Outline for the Discussion

Day 1: January 9, 2008

  • Introduction
  • Policies Relating to Serving Adults with Learning Disabilities in Ohio ABLE

Questions for You:

  • What policies have other states adopted?
  • What changes have you seen as a result?

Day 2: January 10, 2008

  • Challenges with LD Screening and Diagnosis
  • LD Screening Instruments Used in Ohio ABLE
  • Challenges and Recent Successes in Accessing Diagnostic Services for Students in Ohio ABLE Programs

Questions for You:

  • What have other programs serving adults with learning disabilities done to increase access to diagnostic services?
  • What more can be done?

Day 3: January 11, 2008

  • Professional Development and Peer Coaching
  • Professional Development: The LD Series in Ohio ABLE
  • Peer Coaching - A Discussion of the Philosophy of Coaching
  • Wrap Up

Questions for You:

  • What professional development is needed for staff serving adults with learning disabilities?

Reading List

Focus on Basics Issue, Volume 8, Issue D - November 2007

Pages 37-40

World Education

Questions Leading Up to the Discussion

  1. Ohio has a great policy manual for adult education programs regarding their services for adults with learning disabilities. What are the repercussions (if any) for programs that are not in compliance with those policies, and who is responsible for policy enforcement?
  2. How is assistive technology integrated into the adult education classrooms in Ohio for students with learning disabilities?
  3. What percentage of Ohio's total GED graduates received accommodations for learning disabilities for FY 2006-07, and how has that number increased or decreased since your policies were mandated?
  4. The peer coaching idea sounds effective, but in your discussion, please address the procedure you follow for teacher compensation during the coaching period.