2010 Discussion List Events - Literacy Information and Communication System (LNCS)

2010 Discussion List Events

Current Events

Date Held Topic Discussion List
December 6 - 10 Fashion: A Source of Diversity, Controversy, and FUN in the ABE
Diversity & Literacy
December 13 - 17 How do Culture and Language Affect Workplace Success? Adult English Language Acquisition
November 8 - 12 Culture Shock in the Classroom: Yours and Theirs English Language Acquisition
October 4 - 8 Assessing Distance Education Students: Participation, Progress, and Achievement Assessment
September 17 - 21 Adult ESOL Learners who Struggle: Is it REALLY Learning Disabilities? Learning Disabilities
September 13 - 17 The Sectoral Employment Approach: The Promise and the Challenge Workforce Competitiveness
September 13 - 17 Using the National Action Plan to Improve Health Literacy Health Literacy
July 12 - August 6, 2010 Using Social Media in Teaching and Professional Development Professional Development and Technology
June 21 - 25 Reading Patterns and Profiles of Adult Literacy Participants (ASRP Discussion) Reading and Writing Skills
May 24 - 29 Writing Instruction for Adult Literacy Learners: What Can We Learn from Research with Adolescents? Reading and Writing Skills
April 12 - 16 The Literacy Development of ESL Beginners: Observations and Analyses from the NCSALL/ESL Laboratory Classrooms (ASRP Discussion) Adult English Language Acquisition
April 12 - 16 National Transitional Jobs Network Workforce Competitiveness
April 5 - 9 Word Study for Adult Learners Reading and Writing Skills
March 22 - 26 Reading and Writing Skills of ABE Transition Learners (ASRP Discussion) Transitions to Post-secondary Education
March 8 - 12 Evaluating and Measuring Health Literacy Health Literacy
March 1 - 5 Furthering the Achieving Student Success: Transitions to Post-secondary Education Webcast Dialogue Transitions to Post-secondary Education
February 22 - 26 Teaching Adult English Language Learners with Emerging Literacy Skills
English Language Acquisition
February 23 - 24 General Assessment of Instructional Needs (GAIN)
January 20 - February 3 Love and literacy: What happens in couples when the woman learns to read? Diversity and Literacy
January 25 – 29 New Developments in Adult Literacy Assessment (Individual and Large-Scale) Assessment
January 11 - 15 WIA Community Conversations Multiple Discussion Lists