Number Sense in Adult Learners-Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS)


What is number sense and how do we cultivate that in adult learners? This discussion will focus on number sense and looking at strategies for developing this fundamental math concept in adults. It is expected that at the end of this discussion, list subscribers will have new processes for helping adults develop an awareness of number sense.

Guest Facilitator

Dorothea Steinke is an ABE/GED math teacher with a BA in education. She has been researching and teaching the Part-Whole concept in math since 1993. An article about her approach to adult math was published in the on-line adult education journal Focus on Basics in May 2008. She currently teaches GED math and developmental-level math at Front Range Community College, Westminster. She recently completed a Student Learning Research Project on number sense in developmental math classes at her campus.

Suggested Resources

Dorothea's article appears on page 1 of the Focus on Basics issue at the following link:
Steinke, D. (2008). Using part-whole thinking in math. Focus on Basics 9(A),1.

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