Subscribers' Ideas for Special Topics August 20 - 24

The Special Topics discussion list has had several discussions since May, 2006, and they are listed below. We have plans for three more discussions through September, including this one, and many ideas for topics for the months ahead. We would also like to hear your ideas for the Special Topics List.

What topics would you like to suggest? What guests -- or kinds of guests -- would you like to see invited? Based on what you have seen so far, what would you like to see emphasized in the future, and what would you like to be different?

Please join this discussion to contribute your ideas and to see what others think. Consider the Special Topics discussion list as part of your professional development. How could the content of the discussions better meet your needs as a teacher, tutor, state or program level administrator, counselor, curriculum or professional developer, researcher or graduate student? What topics aren't covered by other discussion lists that might be addressed on the Special Topics list?

Discussions Held to Date

  • The Adult Reading Components Study
  • Persistence
  • Formative Assessment
  • Corrections Family Literacy and Transition to the Community
  • What Works for Adult ESL Students
  • Community Literacy
  • GED Earnings Outcomes

Discussions Planned for August and September

  • Subscribers' Ideas for Special Topics : August 20 -24
  • What International Literacy Programs offer Programs in the U.S.: September 7 -14
  • Components of Numeracy: September 17 -21