Using Social Media in Teaching and Professional Development - Small Groups - Building Adult Education Technology Capacity

Using Social Media in Teaching and Professional Development
July 12 - August 6, 2010

Part III of a 3-Part Technology and Professional Development Discussion on
Building Adult Education Technology Capacity

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Small Groups

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Sign Up

Sign up for a small group to learn the top social media tool of your choice. Small groups convene online July 19 – 30. Your facilitator will email you July 19. Add him or her to your email whitelist.

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Marian Thacher (


Richard Sebastian (


Nell Eckersley (

Google Docs

Melinda Holt ( and Susan Gaer (


Susan Gaer ( and Jackie Taylor (


Nell Eckersley (


Steve Quann ( and Susan Gaer (


Marian Thacher (


Richard Sebastian (

Small Group Expectations

  • Your facilitator will email you Monday afternoon, July 19 with instructions. You may be asked to log into a forum to communicate with your small group members.
  • Small groups will work together to learn the social media tool, help each other get acquainted with its features, and share ideas for its use in teaching or professional development.
  • You may develop a product based on your learning goal. Examples might include (but not limited to) creating a YouTube channel for your class, embedding a photo slideshow into a blog, creating a wiki, and so forth.
  • Small group members will collaboratively write responses to these guiding questions:
    • What were some successes you encountered learning and using this social media tool?
    • What were some considerations or challenges you faced?
    • What are your recommendations for using this tool in teaching or professional development?
    • For what purpose(s) – if any – do you plan to use this tool in your practice?
  • August 2-6, 2010: Small groups will share their group responses on the Technology or Professional Development List per the above prompts. We encourage all Technology and Professional Development List subscribers to participate in these culminating discussions.

Sharing Final Products

Links to all small group final products can be found on the AALPD Group Wiki.