Using Video in Teaching and Staff Development - Part 2 - Adult Literacy Professional Development Discussion List

Using Video in Teaching and Staff Development
—A two-part discussion hosted on the Professional Development and Technology Lists

Are you seeking new or innovative ways to use video in either teaching or staff development? Are you curious about how others use video for teaching or professional learning in adult education? Join this two part discussion hosted on the Professional Development and Technology and Distance Learning Lists to learn more.

Part II: Using Video with Adult Learners
August 15-19, 2011

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Join us to learn how video is being used with adult learners. While this technology has been around for some time, we will explore how the increase in access to the creation, editing, and sharing of videos through cell phone technology and social media sites like YouTube, as well as relatively inexpensive video cameras like the Flip, is making it easier and more fun to include video in instruction. We will also discuss how the use of premade video content is being used in classrooms and at a distance. Tools, techniques, and content discussed will be shared on ALE Wiki as an ongoing resource.


  • Susan Gaer, Professor of ESL, Santa Ana College School of Continuing Education
  • David Hellman, We Are New York
  • Alex Quinn, Project Director, Education Development Center (EDC)
  • Diana Satin, Distance-Learning Instructor, Educational Consultant


Nell Eckersley, Technology and Distance Learning List Moderator, Literacy Information and Communication System




Part I: The Multi-Dimensions of Staff Development—Using Videos for Instructor PD

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