How Do You Help Low-Skilled Adults Access and Succeed in Post-secondary Education? A Conversation with Practitioners in the Breaking Through Initiative-Workforce Competitiveness Discussion List-Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS)

How Do You Help Low-Skilled Adults Access and Succeed in Post-secondary Education? A Conversation with Practitioners in the Breaking Through Initiative

May 16-20, 2011

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Please join us May 16 - 20 on the Workforce Competitiveness Discussion List for a discussion on lessons learned from the Breaking Through initiative and how you can adapt these strategies in your work. Breaking Through is a national initiative working with 41 community colleges in 22 states to help low-skilled adults prepare for and succeed in occupational and technical degree programs. Counteracting high attrition rates in adult basic education and developmental education programs, Breaking Through colleges improve outcomes by focusing on strategies that create effective pathways through pre-college and degree-level programs and result in college completion. The initiative is proving that low-skilled adults can advance through remediation and credential programs within a reasonable time and with reasonable success. These strategies can be engaged by adult educators both within and outside of community colleges.

Some questions to be addressed in the discussion include:

  • How do you work across diverse programs and services to create real pathways for lower-skilled adults?
  • How do you accelerate learning to reduce time to completion for low-skilled students?
  • What are the comprehensive support services needed and how do we make them available to our students?
  • How do we ensure that students receive a labor market pay-off as they advance along their career pathways?

To read more about the effective practices developed by the Breaking Through initiative in response to these questions, please go to:


Discussion Guests will include Gloria Cross Mwase, Program Director, Jobs for the Future (which managed the Breaking Through initiative) as well as several practitioners profiled in the Breaking Through Practice Guide, including:

  • Vicki Boyd, Director of Adult Education Services, Owensboro Community and Technical College
  • Ellen O'Donnell, Dean, Division of Human Services, North Shore Community College
  • Pat Phillips, Associate Dean, School of Foundational Studies, Davidson County Community College
  • Amy Dalsimer, Director, Pre-College Academic Programming, LaGuardia Community College
  • Elaine Baker, Director, Breaking Through, Community College of Denver

Donna Brian

Moderator, LINCS Workforce Competitiveness Discussion List

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