The Sectoral Employment Approach: The Promise and the Challenge - Workforce Competitiveness Discussion List

The Workforce Competitiveness Discussion List will host a discussion on The Sectoral Employment Approach: The Promise and the Challenge from September 13 - 17 with guest facilitator Dr. Joshua L. Freely, Senior Research Associate & Director of Labor Market Research at Public/Private Ventures (P/PV). P/PV is a national nonprofit non partisan organization that develops, tests and replicates innovative social programs to improve the lives of children, youth and families in high-poverty communities. Dr. Freely is an author of the study Tuning In to Local Labor Markets: Findings from the Sectoral Employment Impact Study (access the study at 

Sector-focused training programs aim to connect disadvantaged job seekers and low-skilled workers to employment opportunities, addressing unmet hiring needs of local employers and improving participants’ prospects in the labor market. This study is the first random assignment evaluation of nonprofit-led sector-focused efforts, focusing on three distinct programs across the country: an employer/union association, a social venture and a human service organization. These programs had strong effects for participants, including higher earnings and better jobs (as measured by hourly wages and access to benefits). As we emerge from the Great Recession, which has disproportionately affected disadvantaged workers, these strategies and the organizations that implement them may represent a key element in America’s economic recovery—for its workers and its employers.

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